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"I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything."

Childish Gambino on Jhené Aiko (via fiendish-fiasco)

"I know what your boy like
Skinny tie and a cuff tight
He go and make breakfast
You walk around naked
I might just text you
Turn your phone over, when it’s all over
No settling down, my text go to your screen
You know better than that
I come around when you least expect me
I’m sitting at the bar when your glass is empty
You thinking that the songs coming on to tempt me
I need to be alone like the way you left me
You start calling, you start crying
I come over, I’m inside you
I can’t find you
The girl that I once had
But the sex that we have, isn’t half bad
The text say that “It’s not fair”
That’s code for “He’s not here”
And I’mma flirt with this new girl
And I’mma call if it don’t work
So we fuck, till we come, to conclusions
All the things that we thought we were losing
I’m a ghost and you know this
That’s why we broke up in the first place"

Heartbeat - Childish Gambino (via onlyforthenight)




Chance the Rapper - Favorite Song ft. Childish Gambino



I’m winnin’ yeah yeah I’m winnin’

and i hope you understand
we were never friends
and i hope you understand now
but i miss them


I suffered . I learned . I changed


so childish ….. @childishness


for the both of us 



Hoe (feat. Miguel & Gucci Mane) - Jhene Aiko

#tbt Jhené Aiko feat Miguel “Hoe”

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